the biggest change in Google Fuchsia Operating system


Hey there in this article you learn about upcoming Google Fuchsia Operating system a complete strategy about Fuchsia Fuchsia os if you want to know Complete ideas  then you have to read full article let’s get

Fuchsia OS

Why Google making Fuchsia OS

Google has finished almost the project work of Fuchsia OS in upcoming devices, unfortunately, we will not see android Operating system soon will be no more you might be Think that why Google  going to shutdown android Operating system cause android now one of the most popular operating systems in the world cause android based on Linux

kernel and android was made for cameras but then they test in android and it run well but there is a very big load now on android and the Karnal which Google used Linux kernel it can’t take more load Google day by day trying to fix every issue but everyday new issue so that’s the reason why Google going to shutdown Android Operating system 

Google new Fuchsia Operating system 

Google is going to manage everything in the fuchsia OS and the Karnal of Fuchsia Operating system is very strong Google will use micro Karnal which will be made for every device not only for smartphones in upcoming days in computers and laptops we will also see fuchsia operating which is great finely we will something new in computers not only this in fuchsia operating system Google also control smart device like fan bulb doors and more every smart devices will manage you can manage and control by your smartphone

cause Google using a Karnal which will be automatically adjusted for every smart device our smartphones will be more easy and useful in the fuchsia operating system in the meantime we can manage multiple windows like if using Google Chrome and that time we can. Also, use another app like YouTube so guys it’s clear that fuchsia operating system is going to change the world technology this technology will make a new record 

Fuchsia operating system Release date 

Unfortunately, we don’t have confirmed release date but according to leaks and rumors google will release fuchsia operating in the quarter of two thousand twenty-one or twenty-two the release date can be forward so in these years we will see new operating system this can take time cause Google launched android latest version android Q and also planning to launch soon android 11 so according to this fuchsia operating system can take

a long time but we have to wait for it in the meantime we enjoy using android Operating system so guys the information I have shared which is all my knowledge for upcoming Google new Fuchsia Operating system I will also share more information related to this so if you want to know more about Google Fuchsia Operating system you can check on Google cause Google has launched the official website of the fuchsia operating system so the dear user’s that’s it, for now, see you next time have a good day